About Us

Wendy Darling was creative, imaginative, full of whimsy and love. She left for Neverland excited for the adventures that awaited her, but even there she took care of the Lost Boys and her brothers. Wendy always knew she had a responsibility to nurture the ones she loved and that all people deserved that care and guidance. Now, Wendy is all grown up. But her ethereal and whimsical inner child will never vanish. And neither will her steadfastness and strong will to raise and protect her loved ones. At Wendy Darling, we deliver unique and sophisticated, fanciful designs with a dose of moral responsibility. All of our clothes are manufactured in the U.S., helping to rebuild jobs and skill sets. We believe that a little bit of love (or pixie dust) is put into each piece of clothing that is made, so we make sure to care for the ones who help us to produce such magic.

San Francisco, CA :: 2014

Devon Porrino:
Founder and designer of Wendy Darling, Devon discovered deep inspiration and adventure in the every-day whimsy of life. She connects with characters on a page and art that hangs on a wall; she absorbs the wisdom of her friends that surround her and vows to a life of observation and dreams. While studying Merchandise Product Development at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in San Francisco, CA, Devon learned a lot about production and sourcing, which helped to grow her immense passion for producing not only in the United States, but specifically in San Francisco. She feels as though we each could hold a little responsibility for the way the fashion industry works, but that life and the clothes we wear should still be magical, feminine and playful. After the launch of the Big Ben coat, the magic seems to be blooming and Wendy Darling is born. 

Rithika Kumar:
Rithika is one of the co-founders of Wendy Darling. She actualized her inner calling to be an entrepreneur and fashion designer after working as a financial analyst for five years at Yahoo! Inc. and Whalerock Industries. Rithika pursued a degree in Product Development from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where her passion for fashion and styling grew. She draws her inspiration and sense of style from her vibrant Indian heritage, her travels, and her eye for bold prints, color and statement pieces. In addition to Wendy Darling’s motto of embracing life and adventure, Rithika was drawn to the opportunity of working with her very talented classmate and friend, Devon, and being a part of a conscious, locally made brand. Rithika continues to work in corporate finance at Twitter, Inc. while pursuing her dream.

Hannah Perlman:
Eager to help bring a local label to life, Hannah joined Wendy Darling as a graphic artist. From here and beyond, she hopes to form our collective thoughts into exciting, expressive designs that we can both see and wear. She received a Bachelors of Communications from Santa Clara University, and then went on to Study Merchandise Product Development at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. With an early love for hand sketching, which went on to graphic design, and then onto fashion design, she is more than a little obsessed with the wonders of visual communication and good style.