Wear Your Story on Your Sleeve

Wandering. September 16 2015


When we’re young, most of our life consists of wandering. Wandering from mama to daddy. Wandering from one side of our playpen to the other. Wandering around the house, the yard, our Grandma’s house. And lots, LOTS of wandering in our minds.

It helps us grow and evolve. It shows us what we like and what we don’t like. It pushes us out of our comfort zones and sometimes even helps us find new places of comfort, new places to settle.

Best of all, wandering helps us embrace who we are, which in return means we can meet our people and know almost immediately that they’re a part of our tribe. When we wander off, we allow our minds to rest and grant freedom to our bodies to show the way. We listen to our intuition and our hearts and quiet the voice in our heads. It’s an active meditation with the added bonus of stimulating eye candy and an array of smells and sounds. It’s pretty much the best 

Finding a place to wander feels daunting sometimes, like we need to go somewhere with spectacular views or zero foot traffic. Sometimes, that’s true. We do. But wandering isn’t limited to hidden spots or shopping malls. It’s everywhere in-between. Sometimes, I’ll wander outside while the sun is setting and sit in our driveway with our pup. My mind and body loves to wander there. Other times I need a more expansive journey and I’ll find myself walking the lake or even driving through Berkeley or in the Oakland hills. Or planning a trip to Southeast Asia or Europe.

You can never go wrong when it comes to an adventure. The only mandatory thing you need to bring with you is an open mind, a sense of calm, vigor, and the word “yes.


magic. September 15 2015

Last year at Burning Man, Brian and I met up with one of our good friends who we like to refer to as a witch, and this is why.

After riding around for a little while, we got thirsty and decided to stop for a drink at a bar that was set up in the middle of the playa. The bar was a quaint, little block of wood with steps leading up to it and on the top was a sign that read "Yum". But after standing in line for 10 minutes, we realized this couldn't be a bar for the line was moving much too slowly. We inched closer when our friend (let's call her Gentle One) yelled out, "I know these guys! I rode with them on the Burner Express from Reno. They're amazing, I can't believe we found them". 

We soon learned that this "bar" was a place where you could ask these three men to make you a concoction of anything you wanted to taste and they would do it. Anything in the world. Gentle One started out with Heaven, our other friend who was with us asked to taste the Redwoods. I came next with the desire to know what a warm blanket tasted like and Brian hoped he could find out how delicious the Stanley Cup would be. Gentle One went first and then stepped off to the side to wait for us. 

As she stood there, she fixed her new baseball hat over her blonde hair— a hat she won the night before at a raffle on the Playa— and happily welcomed a new friend as he rode his bike up to her and stopped to tap her on her hat with the coolest of wands.

"I like your hat," he said. 
"And I like your wand," she said smiling.
"Where did you get it?" he asked.

The two started up conversation where Gentle One explained that she had won her hat the night before somewhere on the Playa. She couldn't remember where it was—in a place like the Playa, which is huge and most things are forever moving, it's hard to remember where you left your bike let alone a piece of the Playa you were meant to stumble upon—but she did her best to go into depth about where she found her winnings.

Her new friend stared at her, cracked a huge smile and before turning away said, "That's where I just won this wand."

That, to me, is magic.

The synchronisities that life throws our way, whether it's to meet a new friend or to embark on a new adventure. It's those moments that are impossible to deny are different, unique in some way. Magical. 

Sure, you could say it's coincidence. But the Wendy Darling girl doesn't believe in coincidences...

Last night I found magic in the most unusual of places: the hospital.

Bri called me at work yesterday to say that he cut his finger on broken glass and was going to lie down for a bit. For a man who has trouble sitting still, I knew he was hurting. So when I got home, we waited a few hours to see if the bleeding would stop and when it wouldn't, we went to the E.R. 

The E.R, on any night in any place at any time, is a rough place. The energy is thick with fear and anxiety and anticipation at what comes next. After waiting for three hours, we wound up in a hallway at 1 am ready to be numbed and stitched. What happened next was unexpected: as they were administering the extremely painful numbing medicine into his thumb, I watched the color fade from Bri's face and his eyes go in two different directions. As I walked over to help his now slumped body stay on the chair, he began to clench and mildly shake. The nurse asked me twice if he was prone to seizures and as I answered no both times, I waited to watch whether he'd have a seizure or wake up. 

After several seconds, he came to. With a smile on his face. And asked what had happened. I wiped his brow and told him he just passed out and all was well and sat down next to him. 

I was terrified. He didn't seize. And it could've been terribly worst. But to watch someone you love helpless and unsure of what is about to happen in the next moment spooked me. And that's when the magic came in. 

Bri looked around like nothing had happened. The nurses came over and started to stitch him up and he didn't miss a beat; he had them laughing, me laughing, himself laughing and all that temporary fear completely faded. I watched him light up the room moments after losing consciousness and fell even more in love with him. And I woke up this morning full of gratitude for him, his outlook on life, and just the fact that he was laying there next to me.

Magic is not only for kids. And it's not only found during tricks. It doesn't deceive. And it doesn't lie. It's that moment of truth, that light that comes through when you least expect it, the little thing that makes your day or forces you to smile. It could be nothing more than locked eyes with a stranger or the sound of someone you love laughing. To us at Wendy Darling, magic is the little thing that fill our days and make them different, better, softer, brighter. 

So tell us. What is your magic?


Soul Searching & Values September 13 2015

Hello lovely one,

Thank you for stopping by and showing up. Whether you're a new visitor or an old friend, pull up a chair and let's talk. 

As we once mentioned, the Wendy Darling girl finds the ordinary in the extraordinary. sees magic in the prose of a poem, the spine of a book, the smell of the ocean. She explores her quaint town or the humble city, collects sand dollars, crystals and memories. She's intuitive, believes in magic, the power of love, in being a good friend, and and that there is no such thing as a coincidence. She belly laughs, lays in the grass, marvels at colors, indulges in sweets and above all else...wears her story on her sleeve.

We carry this girl with us every day from the moment we take our first early-morning stretch until the moment our head hits the pillow. She lives within us and you. She's a girl who believes in purpose, in love and light, and in feeling alive. 

The past couple of months, Rithika and I decided it was most important to us to build our soul as a brand. We knew who we were, where we wanted to go, who we wanted to be...we felt in our hearts everyday that girl that we spoke of, but we felt a disconnect with our customers. Did they know? Maybe not. And that wasn't okay with us. So, we packed our spiritual bags and started walking to see what we'd find. What we found was more of ourselves, our ideals and beliefs in the whisper of the wind and the steadiness of the ground. We had our ups, our downs, our inbetweens... tears fell both of joy and pain, confusion and fear...but we wound up here—exactly where we were meant to be. 

We are bursting at the seams with happiness, excitement, expansion and love to share our depth with you. Wearing your story on your sleeve is always frightening, but the reward, the connections you make, carry us through life. 

Here are our values. We hope you decide to join us in our mission to create a women's fashion brand that is full of magic, meraki, purpose, soul, compassion and love:

We like words like lovely and darling, not only because they sound and feel sweet, warm, and whispy but because the meaning they hold for us and the way we feel about our home and the people in it mean everything to our philosophy.

Love is our answer. Love for others, for ourselves, for the world we live in, and for the people we connect with every second of every day.

Connection is our heart beat. Have you ever met a person and immediately felt lighter? Perhaps like you’ve known them before, like you aren’t meeting for the first time but re-connecting after a long journey. That’s what we call soul magic. Our soul’s are precious, majestic, light spaces within us and we believe deeply that they talk to us everyday and reveal so much about who we are and how we see the world. We also know that they’re the reason for the beautiful people we’ve found in our life—and we are so thankful for those connections and that magic.

Magic is our belief system. Magic in the everyday life is everywhere and depends on what magic means to you. To us, it’s quiet mornings in bed with tea and a book, the smell of rain on hot pavement, synchronisities, bubble baths, a heart-to-heart hug, how flowers soften a room or the way that love registers on someone’s face.

Authenticity and intention is the road that paves our explorations. We love you. Just because you’re here, you’re showing up every day and doing your best. Authenticity takes braveness and we applaud every moment you make a choice that’s true to you, every second you decide to listen to your intuition and heart and every day you make the world a brighter place just by being in it.

Compassion flows through us like blood. We know how hard it is to wear your story on your sleeve sometimes, but we also know how liberating and important that is. Because of that, we believe that compassion and acceptance of others and their story is crucial to our beings. We hope you do, too.

Warmth is where we lay our head at night. More than anything, Wendy Darling Co. is about embracing life’s adventures, wearing your story on your sleeve, and indulging in those warm, soft, expansive moments life throws our way if we just take a second to slow down and see them.


Hello, Darling. February 09 2015

Welcome to Wendy Darling! 

After over a year in the making, we have officially launched our first collection! We are beyond excited to see our longtime dream come to life and even more elated to share it with you. Here at Wendy Darling, we want to encourage all of you to write your own story as we do ours. 

The Wendy Darling girl: finds the ordinary in the extraordinary. sees magic in the prose of a poem, the spine of a book, the smell of the ocean. She explores her quaint town or the humble city, collects sand dollars, crystals and memories. She's intuitive, believes in magic, the power of love, in being a good friend, and and that there is no such thing as a coincidence. She belly laughs, lays in the grass, marvels at colors, indulges in sweets and above all else...wears her story on her sleeve.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our family and friends who have inspired and supported us as well as the wonderful people who without them, none of this would've been possible.:

  • Lynn at Yorkland Productions for your amazing work and for making our meetings so much fun. Thank you for all you've taught us.
  • Connie at Synergy Apparel for bringing our line to life and being an incredible resource throughout this process. We cannot thank you enough. 
  • Our model, Helen, who is gorgeous, inside and out. You are such a generous, loving soul and we are so grateful for all you've done and for believing in us.  (For booking, please email helenowenbooking.com)
  • Our incredibly talented photographer, Marcie, for our flawless look book. If you know Devon, you know she has a girl crush on Marcie. Take a look at her pictures and you'll see why.
  • Books IncLe BouquetWrecking Ball Coffee Roasters for graciously allowing us to use your space and serving as the perfect backdrops for our photoshoot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Visit our blog for new posts, upcoming promotions and news. We are so looking forward to sharing our journey with you.